Donkey⁵ Twin - Black/Desert Taupe

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Bugaboo Donkey⁵ Twin - Double for more than one

Everything your child need

A sneak peak of the world 
The breezy bassinet keeps your baby cool and comfy while giving them a glimpse of what’s going on outside. When it gets windy, seal the panel shut for some extra warmth.

Softer bed for longer naps
The aerated mattress lets your newborn sleep & breath easily even when lying flat on their tummy.

Bump-free adventures
Navigating a crowded sidewalk or exploring the great outdoors is super smooth, thanks to the large puncture proof wheels.

All the features you'll love

Smaller than you think
At 74 cm, the Donkey5 Twin fits through most standard doorways. Switching from Mono to Twin only adds 14 cm, meaning you can confidently navigate hallways or supermarkets with your whole family in tow.

Together wherever
Let your children roam the world side by side from day one with the Donkey⁵ Twin. The seats can be arranged to face you, face each other or face the path ahead. The higher seat & bassinet positions also allow you to watch your kids bond right in front of your eyes.

One hand to start exploring
The Donkey⁵ was designed for maximum maneuverability, which means you can get it rolling with a single finger even with two little co-pilots at the front. Use one hand to steer, and leave the other free to sip a cup of tea.

Stroller weight: 14,9 kg/32,8 lbs
Stroller width: 74 cm/29 in
Age range: 0 months - 4 years

Front wheels: 25 cm/10 in
Rear wheels: 30 cm/12 in 
Min-Max adjustable handlebar height: 86 -106 cm/33,8 - 41,7 in
Compact two-piece fold: 89 x 60 x 35 cm/35 x 23,6 x 13,8 in (L x W x H)

On the seat: 22 kg/48,5 lbs (per seat)
In the underseat basket: 10 kg/22 lbs
Side luggage basket: 10 kg/22 lbs

Inner and outer fabrics: 100% polyester
Handlebar grips: 100% PU faux leather material
Mattress cover: 100% polyamide


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