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UPF 50+ Sólhattur - Confetti Terracotta

UPF 50+ Sólhattur - Confetti Terracotta

4.890 ISK


Cute, practical sun hat for children made of the same stretchy fabric as our swimwear. It is UV protective and perfect for wearing when playing in water as it dries fast.


• Oeko-Tex class 1 certified quality

• UV Protection Factor 50+

• Stretchy, fast drying fabric (same as swimwear)

• Long shade in the back

• Lined on front and back

• Tested and passed for not fading in clorinated water according to test standard: ISO 105-03: 2010.


•NOTE. The Senia sun hat is made of stretchy swimwear fabric meaning it has a tighter fit than sun hats made of cotton. If in between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger one.

• Please have a look at our size guide to make sure, you pick the right size for your little love.


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