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Thermo Food Jar - Ocean Blue Dot

Thermo Food Jar - Ocean Blue Dot

3.990 ISK


This thermo food jar is suitable for both cold and warm liquids

Liquid temperature range: -20 degrees C to 100 degrees C

The vacuum of the double-wall bottle will keep the liquid cold or warm

Comes with a foldable spoon in the lid

Perfect on the go

Choose between many colors and prints

Made in 100% stainless steel

Contains 350 ml

Cleaning instructions:

Hand wash recommended

Please wash the product by hand before use

Wash the bottle as soon as possible after using it for perishable liquids

Use neutral dish soap and fresh water for cleaning, rather than bleach


Not suitable for microwave

Not suitable for dishwasher

Not suitable for freezer

Do not place the product on any heat source

Do not overfill with hot water in case of overflow and scalding

Do not use with evaporative substances like dry ice or soda


Jar: 15 x 8 cm

Spoon: 11 cm

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