Petit verslun   -   Ármúli 23    Mán-fös: 11–18    Lau: 11–16

Nagleikfang - Goldfish

Nagleikfang - Goldfish

3.290 ISK


Cute animals made in 100% natural rubber  for soothing the baby's sore gums

Every texture on the rubber toy stimulates baby's sense of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste

The rubber toy fits the tiny hands and helps  to keep your baby calm and distracted

 CE-tested after European standard EN-71-1

Suitable from +0 years old

Cleaning instructions:

Clean the toy with a damp cloth or with soapy water (max. 30 degrees C)

Do not use any chemicals on the rubber toy 


Always examine the product carefully before  use, to make sure there are no damages

Do  not  expose  the  toy  to  direct  sunlight  and  keep  away  from  sources  of  heat

The  details  and  color  on  the  product  may  vary  as  it is  handmade

This  product  contains  natural  rubber  which  may  cause  allergic  reactions

Please  keep  the  packaging  as  it  contains  important  information

Remove  all  packaging  and  strings  prior  to  use

Do  not  leave  a  child  alone  while  using  the  rubber  toy


100% natural  rubber

Hand painted  with  food  grade  paint

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