Petit verslun   -   Ármúli 23    Mán-fös: 11–18    Lau: 11–16

Micki - Skipið hennar Línu

Micki - Skipið hennar Línu

15.990 ISK


Ship ahoy! It's time to head out on the seven seas with the good ship Hoppetossa! Take Pippi Longstocking and her friends along for lots of exciting adventures! This ship is made of wood and has lots of functions: you can raise the sail, raise the roof of the wheelhouse, the aft side folds down, and lots more besides. When you want to go on land, all you have to do is anchor your ship! (Figures and treasure chest are purchased separately.)

Size: 480 X 500 X 180 mm

Material: Wood effect

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