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Inniskór - Navy

Inniskór - Navy

8.990 ISK


Soft Sole Leather Shoes from Bisgaard

Fine Bisgaard soft sole leather shoes in nice, navy leather.

The soft sole leather shoes close with a wide velcro closure over the ankle. In the opening there is a light padding, and at the back at the top there is a strap which makes the shoes easier to take on the foot. The heel cap is made of a slightly stronger material than the rest of the shoe, so the foot gets light support.

The Bisgaard soft sole leather shoes comes with an insole and insole of leather, and under the bottom there are practical rubber pads, which provide a better foothold.

Internal dimensions in cm:
size 19 = 11.6
size 20 = 12.4
size 21 = 12.9
size 22 = 13.5
size 23 = 14.0
size 24 = 15.0
size 25 = 15.7

Note: The measurements are indicative and may vary by a few millimeters.

1-1.5 cm growth allowance is recommended.

Made with:

Exterior: leather
Inside: skin
Outsole: other material

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