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Helmet - Vintage Green

Helmet - Vintage Green

6.990 ISK


The Trybike CoConut retro helmet is robust, handy and light. The hard outer shell gives the helmet, in contrast to foam helmets, a longer life and better protection for children. 
CoConut's retro helmets that are light, safe and practical and come in three sizes; Extra small, small and medium suitable for children between the ages of two and 12. All Trybike helmets have adjustable garden straps and a built-in screw strap in the neck, so they can be fully adjusted. The helmets are made of quality ABS plastic and have foam padding to ensure a better main comfort. 
Extra Small (XS) : 44 - 51 centimeter
Small (S) : 46 - 53 centimeter
Medium (M) : 52 - 58 centimeter.

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