Hekluð Hringla - Moonlight the hare

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This rattle, shaped like a small hare, is hand-crocheted in organic cotton. Inside it is a pleasant bell that makes a sound when the rattle is shaken. In addition, the rattle is filled with soft, recycled polyester which is enclosed in a small cloth bag, preventing the filling from finding its way out through the yarn.

  • Can be used as a rattle and later as an animal that can be included in various forms of play.
  • Moonlight has a nice beige colour with white and black details. 
  • The rattle was designed in Denmark and is handmade, so each rattle is unique and has its own charm.
  • A perfect gift idea for the first visit to see the newborn.

Recommended age: 0+.
Labelling: CE.

Warning. Keep away from fire.

About the Nightfall theme
Darkness falls and calm descends in the small homes. Outside, the moon lights up the night sky and thousands of twinkling stars appear, creating a magical ceiling. The ‘Nightfall’ theme is about everything that takes place when the day draws to a close. Together with cute nocturnal animals, Sebra takes the child all the way into the forest in the middle of the night. The animals of the night move around in the dark landscape, creating fascinating shadows. The shadows sometimes look like entirely new creatures, and the imagination can really be put to the test when moonlight is reflected in shining eyes or when it casts shadows on ancient tree trunks.

About organic cotton
The yarn in this product is made from organic cotton – a choice made to reduce the product’s environmental footprint. A lot of the environmental impact associated with cotton production can be reduced or eliminated by growing organic cotton.

About recycled polyester filling
The filling is made from 100% recycled polyester from plastic bottles which have been collected and cleaned, after which they are shredded, re-melted and turned into new, recycled fibres. The plastic bottles are thereby given a new life, instead of just ending up as waste.