Petit verslun   -   Ármúli 23    Mán-fös: 11–18    Lau: 11–16

Glerbollar - Smoked Grey

Glerbollar - Smoked Grey

3.800 ISK



Enjoy a quiet moment with this set of mugs made of mouth-blown glass, forming a lovely match to our Still Teapot. The large rounded handle is made of solid glass too, but in a contrasting colour to the rest of the mug. They come as a set of two in the same colourway and are, of course, dishwasher-safe.

Color: Smoked Grey
Size: W: 12.6 x H: 10 x D: 8 cm
Material: Mouth-blown glass
Volume: 34 cl.
Care instructions: Dishwasher safe



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