Petit verslun   -   Ármúli 23    Mán-fös: 11–18    Lau: 11–16

Flotuggi Hákarl - Anthracite Grey

Flotuggi Hákarl - Anthracite Grey

5.943 ISK 8.490 ISK


SwimFin is multi-stroke functional. It leaves the arms completely free to move and so can be used to learn front-crawl, back-stroke, breast-stroke and butterfly. SwimFin works for all ages and abilites: from toddlers taking to the water for the first time, all the way through improved learners to advanced swimmers who want to develop stroke technique. (We’ve had many testimonials from parents telling us they’ve used a SwimFin with children as young as 18 months, and of course we’ve heard from plenty of adults who couldn’t resist playing with one that was bought for a child – and for ‘big kids’ who want to use a SwimFin we sell larger straps.)

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