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Classic Winter Boot - Cognac

Classic Winter Boot - Cognac

21.590 ISK


Classic Winter Boot Velcro (normal to wide fit)

  • Our TEX classic Winter boots are made in leather with 100% natural wool lining, keeping little feet toasty and dry during the coldest months.
  • These cool booties are built on our rugged Winter sole, offering fantastic grip and protection from cold.
  • The soles are made of lightweight recycled TR rubber.
  • The leather welts are made out of 100% vegetable tanned leather.
  • The TEX Membrane is 100% recyclable and is free from two chemicals; PTFE & PFC. PTFE is claimed to be a cause of birth defects. PFC has been proved to be associated with developmental delays in the fetus and child, including possible changes in growth, learning, behavior and decreased fertility.
  • The practical velcro straps are very convenient and easy to handle for even younger children.
  • These booties have a firm support and the perfect fit for normal to wider sized feet.
  • These are suitable as the child’s first walking shoes if the child has a normal to wide foot.
  • All boots are hand-made in 100% ecological, 100% vegetable tanned, 100% biodegradable and 100% chrome-free leathers and suedes.

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