Petit verslun   -   Ármúli 23    Mán-fös: 10–18    Lau: 11–16

Blár viðar regnbogi

Blár viðar regnbogi


With this wooden rainbow, your child learns how to make all kinds of creations while using its fantasy. The rainbow consists of 8 archess that fit on and in each other. With these semi-circular shapes you make a train tunnel, a house for small dolls or mountains for cars. The rainbow is beautiful in the kids room, but also provides a lot of fun. Little Dutch makes timeless, high-quality toys with stylish colors, designs and illustrations. All products comply with European guidelines and are child labor free and socially responsible produced.

CE tested
Stærð 26 x 5 x 13 cm
Material: wood + child-friendly water-based paint

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