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29.890 ISK


The Oakee board is a decorative chalkboard that can be used in the nursery, in the kitchen or anywhere it is needed.
The blackboard has rounded, curved corners and comes with a beautiful frame in oak veneer. The board can be fastened to the wall with two screws, and it is possible to position it either horizontally or vertically. The frame helps collect chalk dust and can also be used as a practical shelf for holding chalk.
The Oakee board matches the three Oakee pieces of children’s furniture – a chair, table and bench also from Sebra Interior.
The Oakee blackboard meets the EU REACH requirements. REACH is the European Union’s basic chemical legislation, ensuring that chemicals are used safely and with minimal risk to health and the environment.
Washing instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth.    

90cm x 75cm

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